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Fremont Christian School uses a set of Expected Student Learning Results (ESLRs) in evaluating the success of our classrooms. 

A Sound Mind 

Students will be able to think critically, investigate the world, analyze information, draw conclusions, and apply these skills to demonstrate verbal, written, and technological competence in content areas.

A Sound Body 

Students will have a personal understanding and the skills necessary to preserve lifetime health and fitness. Students will view and treat their bodies as a physical presentation of themselves to the world, addressing themes related to health, fitness, hygiene, dress, and body image.

A Sound Spirit 

Students will have a personal understanding of the biblical, Christian worldview and demonstrate the character reflected in the life of Christ.

A Sense of Community 

Students will demonstrate the interpersonal skills needed to understand and work effectively with others, showing respect for ethnic, cultural, social, generational, economic, and physical differences.

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